Trade, renting rooms

Carrying out prostitution on a self-employed basis is a highly personal service. It is not classified as commercial trade. It is not compulsory to register this trade.

Running a brothel must be registered with the appropriate local authority due to renting out rooms for commercial purposes. This registering assumes the intention to make a profit, self-employment and the continuous practising of trade by renting out rooms to other people for the purpose of prostitution. The registration is confirmed by the “licence to trade”.

Brothel operators are persons who carry the economic risk of an enterprise. The brothel operator has the overall responsibility towards the police and to the authorities for law and order.

If prostitutes operate in residential premises this can also be classified as the renting out of rooms for commercial purposes (brothel) and must be registered. Example: A prostitute rents an apartment and rents out rooms to other prostitutes for the purpose of prostitution (not for residential purposes).

See brochures on the prostitution law of the local criminal prevention council in Hanover.