Prohibited zones

The state governments are entitled to set up prohibited zones in order to protect young people and in the interests of public decency in accordance with (Art. 297 Introductory Law of the Penal Code (EGStGB)). In these so-called prohibited zones it is not allowed to practice prostitution. Contravening this is in breach of the law and is subject to a fine. Since September 2005 a new decree on prohibited zones has been in force in Hanover. In accordance with this rule prostitution is only allowed between 20.00 hours and 6.00 in the area marked in blue shown on the map.

Prohibited zones decree and map for Hanover can be downloaded on the right.

Map based on: City map of Hanover 1:10000
Copied with permission granted on 12.10.2006 by the authorities of the state capital city of Hanover, geo-information section.
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