Compulsory medical examination

Law for the Prevention of Infection, Compulsory medical examination

The Law for the Prevention of Infection (IfSG), the law for the prevention of infection and the control of infectious diseases amongst humans came into force on 01.01.2001 and applies throughout the country. It replaces the Federal Epidemics Law and the Law for the Prevention of Venereal Diseases. It focuses on prevention and the anonymous and in some cases free treatment.

A significant change is the abolition of the requirement for prostitutes to submit to medical examination. This so-called "Bockschein", the health certificate for prostitutes, no longer exists. Most health authorities continue to offer examinations for prostitutes but the spectrum of services offered varies considerably.

The health authorities in Hanover can be contacted via the network of the Region of Hanover’s Advisory Service on Health, AIDS & STD Region Hannover Fachbereich Gesundheit Aids & STD-Beratung!